Announcement – cassette by The Ideal Form

[Edited, 2015]

The Ideal Form: Lads, lads… that’s not music

thumbladsxA ninety-minute cassette album containing twenty-two songs written between 1996 and 2000, and recorded between 1997 and 2001. Tape mixed and mastered June 2003 as a necessary kathartic measure against the horrors of nostalgia. No Dolby was used to clean up the sound or whatever it’s supposed to do.

Comment on the mix of ‘Sean’s Mist’: Attempts to highlight the acoustic guitar in the original two track mix failed. The melody is brutally repressed – subjugated by the misguided attempt at ‘emotional’ bass playing – by which I mean playing higher notes than normal in order to sound sensitive. The fact that the bass was about three times as loud as everything else didn’t seem to come into it at the time. It would be folly to imagine that the early stages of The Ideal Form involved a sense of proportion.

thumbladscdRemixed and remastered as 10 track CDR LP, 44 minutes, July 2013.

The Ideal Form was the first group I played in. We weren’t called The Ideal Form because we were Platonists, it was, of course, in recognition of our physical beauty. The ideas behind the music were perfect: processed guitar, simple rhythm, and a man ranting. It fell a little short in execution, but it was a lot of fun, and I produced enough copies of this album to satisfy all interested parties.