The Beale, review in The Sunday Times

The Sunday Times, Culture section, 27 June 2004.

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Pop: New Releases: The Beale: 21 Years in Kranj

21 Years in Kranj
Kabukikore/Guided Missile kkcd41

The failure of Apple’s iTunes website to co-operate with the majority of the UK’s independent labels exemplifies consumer culture’s illusion of choice. The same music one can already access easily via Amazon or HMV now also comes direct to your laptop at reduced cost, while the margins are further marginalised. Meanwhile, the new album by the Beale is available to download, entirely free, at, or as a CD you can hold in your hand for £4 at The group infect a 1980s post-punk template with furious kitchen-sink surrealism and comical provincial belligerence. Their front man, Adrian Shaw, is a great English eccentric waiting to be discovered. Fall fans will embrace the group’s impatience with rebranded lemonade and Superking-smoking men. Even the merely curious can afford to investigate. Four stars