Red Atlas: Everything is Permitted…

Red Atlas: Everything is Permitted — but you need a permit
11 track CDR LP, 41 minutes, 2012.

[Edit: 2015]

Red Atlas was the last group I played in. We had a fun (if pretty trad) sound going on: a nice combination of slack fuzz and country guitars, dog-race drums, and my architectural bass (not my word). But what really made it was John Higgins’s voice and words. He wrote literate and funny pieces which matched the music perfectly. I preserved my idea of our album on this CD. John supplied the title and some witty, self-aware sleevenotes.

The song embedded with this post is from a compilation made available on later in 2012. Regarding this compilation, I should point out that I disagree violently with the choice of mixes, the sequencing of the songs, the sepia imagery, the album title, and the group biography. Considering this, it’s amazing that we didn’t split up as a result of an overblown argument about trivial musical differences.