About me

This is the personal blog of Ben Pestell, a lecturer, writer, and editor from London.

The blog is mainly used for thoughts on literature and mythology, and theories of myth, but I also write about music and politics, usually from a myth-theory perspective. The posts date back to 2002, having been imported from various sites I’ve used since that date, so you’ll notice some variance in style and tone if you scroll back in time.

My academic research seeks to discover and explain the ways that archaic, mythical, and non-materialist modes of thought have a presence and a value in modern and contemporary literature and life. This follows my PhD which examined the language used in Greek tragedy (specifically the Oresteia of Aeschylus) to express the miraculous experience of divine activity, and the modern interpretation of these ideas. I have co-edited Translating Myth, a collection of academic essays published by Legenda/Routledge in 2016.

My most notable achievement in music was playing ‘second keyboard’ and ‘surrogate bass’ for The Beale, ‘Anglo-Scouse neo-Fall gobshites’ whose highly idiosyncratic live sessions on Resonance FM drew concerned comments from the shows’ hosts. Our last CD was favourably reviewed by Stewart Lee in The Sunday Times, and our performance at the launch for the Can DVD at London’s Kosmische club in 2003 resulted in a venue ban.

The URL of this blog, ‘clone guilt’, was intended as some sort of joke a decade ago, the meaning of which is lost to me now. The title, ‘preterpunctuality’, refers, in my understanding, to that which stands outside of fixed points in linear time. An expression of the cyclical / eternal time of myth.

I live near Epping Forest with my wife and son. Readers and old pals can contact me at ben[dot]pestell[at]gmail[dot]com.