Ariadne in Essex

In March, Leon Burnett gave a talk on the myth of Ariadne for the Centre for Myth Studies at the University of Essex. He explained his theory of myth’s emotional logic, and the importance of the image over the linear narrative in myth. It was a persuasive and enjoyable talk, and my report is hosted over on the Essex Myth blog.

Orpheus Project

The Centre for Myth Studies at the University of Essex presents The Orpheus Project
Tuesday 8 May 2012

09 Orpheus Project

It was a great pleasure to host the Orpheus Project at the Essex Centre for Myth Studies this evening. Poet Lyndon Davies and artist Penny Hallas gave a genuinely exciting report, with speech, film and paint, on the activities of the project. How gladdening and terrifying to know that the Mysteries are active in Powys. You can follow their work on Orpheus, and other projects, via these links: