Image: Three-dimensional visualization of sounds electronically recovered from ice-age rock unearthed in the River Lea by the London Archaeoacoustic Project in 1972.

This blog collects various notes on myth or on music, and occasionally on both or neither.

Posts from 2003 to 2010 are imported from assorted, now-defunct, personal websites and blogs. I set this up as a private collection around 2011, and decided to make it public in 2016. At the moment, most entries fall into three broad categories: (α) gruffly promoting music I made between 1996 and 2009; (β) reviewing my friends’ music; (γ) reviewing productions of Greek tragedies. The tone varies between these entries, but I imagine it will settle down in future. What they share is a concern with the ineffable or time-altering properties common to myth and music.

I aim to update this most Wednesdays, but the odd week or two might go by with nothing.


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